Adelina Delagrange

Hey! My friends call me Lina! I’m a second year grad school student. I’m married to the guy I had a crush on in the 6th grade. I love Jesus, community, reading, and ministry. My oily journey began in December 2015 when I received my kit as a gift! (the best gift) I couldn't even begin to fathom all of the benefits that essential oils and natural products would bring to my life. I originally used esssential oils and my diffuser to make my house smell good. I soon learned firsthand about the emotional, sleep, digestive, focus, and immune support benefits that these little bottles carried just for me! It has become a passion of mine to share and educate on the health and wellness freedom that can be found from using the best essential oils and natural products. I am thrilled to be a part of your journey and for you to meet this sweet oily fam!

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