"I was born and raised in Kenai, Alaska.  This is where my husband, Andrew, and I, along with our dog, Jack Bauer, call home.  I have used Young Living products off and on since I was a young girl, but I really dove in when I ordered my starter kit and upon using Lavender, my life was forever changed :)  Just like many of you, I was looking for a way to improve my family's health and overall wellness, but I had no idea of all the other areas of my life that were going to be blessed.  It is by no coincidence that I was placed with a beautiful community of women with the same dreams.  There is no doubt in my mind that this is what I'm supposed to be doing: sharing these oils, building relationships, and learning together, all so that we can live a life of purpose, wellness, and abundance.  I strive to assist my team members as quickly and efficiently as possible - feel free to email, Facebook message, or even text me!  I'm here to help you.  Because acts of service is one of my love languages, I so appreciate when I'm given help and in turn I love helping my team members.  Passing along what I have learned is the least I can do especially when I was given so much by my leaders when I first started using oils and learning about Young Living.  I could tell you how wonderful and life-giving our community is, but why not experience it for yourself?  I would love to have you on my team, talk soon!"

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